Pumpkin Book-Inspired Crafts & Activities

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pumpkin book inspired crafts and activities

My three-year-old is participating in a children’s book themed co-op preschool this year. In October I am the teacher and I am planning on sharing several of my favorite Halloween books with my little students. I have been collecting many ideas on my Halloween pinterest board and am excited to share some of them with you!

This week I am sharing five favorite pumpkin themed books along with several pumpkin crafts and activities.

These are great ideas to use if you are hosting a pumpkin-themed playdate or talking about pumpkins at preschool!

Click on each of the books below to read a short description. All of these books are ones that I’ve read with older toddlers and preschoolers on up!

Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin? by Karen Katz

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz

The Littlest Pumpkin by R.A. Herman

Five Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino

Here are several pumpkin book-inspired crafts and activities that you can try out…

pumpkin crafts and activities

Click on the links below to find the detailed tutorials for each craft or activity.

Make a Baby’s Pumpkin Story Box via The Good Long Road

Fingerpaint Great Pumpkins via 3 Dinosaurs

Littlest Pumpkin Name Craft via Fantastic Fun and Learning

5 Little Pumpkins Printing with Pool Noodles via Toddler Approved

Decorate Pumpkins via Mommy and Me Book Club

Make Pumpkin Bar Pumpkins via Toddler Approved

Pumpkin Patch Pretend Play via Teach Preschool

Puffy Paint Pumpkins via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Create Pumpkin Rocks via Inspiration Laboratories

Have some Pumpkin Gross Motor Fun via The Pleasantest Thing

Make a Pumpkin Scarecrow via Toddler Approved

Spin Art Pumpkins via Rainy Day Mum

Have you read any of these books? Have you done any pumpkin themed crafts or activities that could also be used when exploring these pumpkin-themed books? Come share any links in the comments or on our VBC Facebook Wall.

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