5 Days of Planned Earth Day Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Earth Week for Preschoolers

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This week as Earth Day falls in the week we are learning about the Earth and how even the littlest people can help to save it. Our featured book this week is The Earth Book by Todd Parr and we have 5 simple, fun and easy activities for you and your preschoolers to do this week.

Earth Day and Week Activities for preschoolers from the virtual book club for kids

Virtual Book Club for Kids Featured Book The Earth Book

We have provided links to the books we recommend in this week’s theme. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

Our featured book this week is The Earth Book by Todd Parr. This book explains in language preschoolers will understand what they and you can do to help the Earth.



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From planting a tree to using both sides of the paper these are little things that can make a difference. With a focus on the environment and conservation, this is great to talk to your little ones about the world today and how they can help make the change for the better.

Don’t forget to scroll down as we have some other books about The Earth ideal for Earth Day and the week below.

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Earth Day Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Each week we find 5 simple and fun activities for you and your preschooler to do together. These are hands-on ideas that promote playing, learning, creating and having fun together. They are chosen as they are quick and we have tried them out with our own children.

Although you can do as many or as few as you want we have a suggested schedule below taking one activity per day as a focus and mixing in reading time as well. The schedule can be seen below – this is only an idea that has worked for one of our team.

Don’t forget to scroll down to find other book and activity suggestions for this week.

structured weekly schedule for the virtual book club for kids

Earth Day Sensory Activity for Preschoolers

We loved this Earth Day Sensory bin as not only is the bin filling a natural material (rice) but all of the extras are natural too.

For a week where we are thinking of the environment, this is ideal.

Letter and Alphabet Activity for Earth Week with Preschoolers

Using the same sensory bin and adding in some letters you can create this simple Earth Day alphabet or word sensory activity for your preschooler.

Change on the words for just letters, work on spelling names or those sight words.

If you have them you could use Wooden Letters instead of plastic focusing again on caring for the planet.

Earth Day Math Activity for Preschoolers

This week’s math activity is focusing on pattern making. With these really simple Earth Dat Pattern Making Activity.

Scroll down the ideas on the post to find out how simple this is to do with your preschooler. Start by working on a 1, 1 pattern and then increase the complexity and get the following along.

Cooking Activity for Earth Week with Preschoolers

We have some delicious Earth Cupcakes (number 6 on the activities).

They are so easy to make you can either use the idea above which is VERY Simple or make your own cupcake batter with this recipe.

Art and Craft Activity for Earth Day with Preschoolers

There are so many art and craft activities that you could do this week… just raid the recycling and get creative!

However, we love getting creative with shaving foam (a big hit from our summer camp last year) so this Shaving Cream Earth Day Art Project is great for your little ones to do.

More Books for Earth Day and Week with Preschoolers

Whether you wish to add more books to your collection this week or have trouble finding The Earth Book by Todd Parr we have picked 3 of our favourite books to read around Earth Day for Preschoolers.

Any of our Plant and Seed books would be a good read this week as well so don’t forget to check those out.

Why Should I Recycle! by Jen Green

I am Earth by Rebecca and James McDonald

Compost Stew. An A to Z Recipe for the Earth by Mary Mckenna Siddals

More Earth Day and Week Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Don’t forget to head on over to our Pinterest Board for more Earth Day Activity inspiration for preschoolers, check out the link below.

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Next week’s theme is Fish and our featured book is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

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