Kindness Week Activities for Preschoolers Inspired by Try a Little Kindness

Kindness Week Activity Plan for Preschoolers featuring Try a Little Kindness

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This week’s theme for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Kindness and we are featuring the book Try a Little Kindness by Henry Cole. We chose this theme as we lead up to Martin Luther King Day and toward Valentine’s day next month. We have chosen this theme for our preschool activities this week as in a world where we sometimes see kindness lacking it’s a great one to introduce to spark conversations and to start traditions with your preschoolers. Unlike our typical week we are having a week of kind deeds, actions and thoughts that you and your preschooler can do together so onto our Kindness Week for Preschoolers and your plan of activities to do.

A planned week of simple kindness activities for preschoolers. Think about kindness, do acts of kindness at home, for the animals and wider community then keep the kindness going all year round.

Virtual Book Club for Kids Featured Book Try a Little Kindness

We have included Amazon links to the books we recommend. If you purchase via the books we may earn a small commission.

This week’s featured book is Try a Little Kindness by Henry Cole. In the book, the big friendly bear does lots of kind deeds for his friends. From holding the door for a friend to being the last in line. These small acts can make a big difference. Use it as a starting point to think of some other ideas with your little one on kind things you can do for your friends and family this week as well as strangers and the wider community.



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5 Simple Acts of Kindness for Preschoolers Inspired by Try a Little Kindness

With a break from our normal play, learn and create theme this week we have 5 activities that are fun to spread a little kindness with your preschoolers. As normal pick one activity or do them all. You will also find more Kindness Activities on our featured pin board at the bottom of the activities and further book suggestions.

Thinking About Kindness

Our first activity is to create a kindness tree.

There are lots of examples of this and you can use inspiration from a Thankful tree (Gratitude Week) that you may have created for Thanksgiving or in the fall.

Being Kind to Others

Thinking of others and being kind to them is great for kids. A really nice way to do this is to make cookies and deliver them.

These Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies are pretty and taste great (make a double batch and keep some for yourselves).

Kindness to Wildlife

Why not make some extra effort especially in these winter months to provide a little extra food for the wildlife around your home.

You can make your own bird feeders there are lots of different options on what to make head to our Pinterest board to discover some more ideas if you want to make something different.

Sending Kindness to The Community

Send postcards to the community. You can use ready-made postcards like these designed for the seniors in your community or why not draw and write your own.

Keep the Kindness Going

Encourage your children to be kind constantly by keeping track of their acts.

This paper chain of kindness can grow and grow as you, your child and other family members do acts of kindness and any acts of kindness that others do for them.

More Kindness Books for Preschoolers

Can I Play Too? by Mo Willems

Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev

Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller

More Kindness Activities for Preschoolers

You can find even more Kindness Activities for Preschoolers over on our Kindness Week Pinterest Board. Don’t forget to follow us so that you can see all of the ideas for activities we pin for having fun, learning, sharing, reading and getting creative with your preschoolers.

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