April Themes and Featured Books for Preschoolers

April Themes and Featured Books for Preschoolers

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As March closes we think ahead to warmer weather and more sunshine and fun. April is the last month of our Weekly Planned Preschool Themes and Books but we have fun this year for you. As Easter is so late many of our themes are Easter and spring related although towards the end of the month we start to introduce some more summery ideas. So here we go our April themes and the featured teacher recommended books for preschoolers for the coming month.

April Themes and Featured Books for Preschoolers

April Themed and Featured Books for Preschoolers

We have handpicked these themes to encourage you and your child to read, play, create, have fun and learn. All important skills for preschoolers and with our weekly activity plans for each of the themes we select 5 simple and easy to do activities that will encourage this and you can do together.

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Preschool Themes for April

So here we go our Preschool Themes for April 2019

We have included Amazon links to the books we recommend. If you purchase via the books we may earn a small commission.

April 1 ~ Bunnies

The featured book is Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems

April 8 ~ Chicks

The featured book is Count with Maisy. Cheep, Cheep, Cheep! by Lucy Cousins

April 15 ~ Easter Eggs

The featured book is The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

April 22 ~ Earth Day

The featured book is The Earth Book by Todd Parr

April 29 ~ Fish

The Featured book is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

VBC BOOK LIST April 2019

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Themes and Featured Books for Preschoolers

If you are looking for more inspiration of themes and activities then head on over to our Pinterest where you will find boards of ideas for preschooler inspired by themes we have covered over the years.

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